Blue Ribbon K-9
Training Center, L.L.C.
“Agility”  taught by a top-winning masters-level agility trainer.
Where winning is FUN!
"Obedience" taught for practical everyday uses!
At Blue Ribbon K-9 Training Center we believe motivating dogs through food and play,  
training becomes a fun experience for both handler and dog!

Therese Fleming has taught at every level, with 15 years of experience.

Therese has competed every AKC Agility Nationals since 2000. And USDAA Nationals
for the last 7 years.

She has earned multiple "Master Agility Championships" or "MACH" on multiple dogs
along with obedience, conformation and herding titles.  
At Blue Ribbon each dog will be properly trained from the
beginning.  With careful attention to each detail along the
way, no short cuts are taken!  This eliminates the need to
retrain and assures our students the best opportunity for
eventual competition.  A dog who requires “retraining” is
rarely as fast or reliable to competition.  Classes are taught
outdoors on  grass and “Beginner” level classes use low-to-
the ground equipment to help build speed and confidence.

Group and/or private lessons are available for beginner
puppies through advanced competitors.
If you have question, or would like more
information about classes, contact us by
phone or email at:

Therese Fleming (318) 396-4007


Canine Good Citizen Program

Link for Therapy Dogs International
Blue Ribbon is not a “club”, but is
a private training Center,
dedicated to helping our students
reach their highest potential while
having fun with “Man’s Best
Directions to practice field:  
Take I-20 to Thomas Rd exit, go south,
turn right at the second red light onto
Downing Pines Rd.   You will pass a
little white house on the left and the
driveway for the field is just past that.  
It's off the road just a bit, fully fenced in
with a portable building.  Blue Ribbon
sign hanging on fence.  Can't miss it!